About Us

PlowShare’s clients include some of the largest nonprofits in the world because of our ability to deliver massive amounts of free media inventory for their public service advertising (PSA) initiatives. We also significantly increase visibility and efficiencies for pharma unbranded disease state awareness (DSA) campaigns. PlowShare has been developing custom programs tailored to clients’ goals, objectives, and budgets for more than 20 years. Our core values are anchored in integrity, creativity, and accountability.

PSA Distribution & Media Outreach

PlowShare has earned a reputation as specialists in strategic and targeted placement of social issue communications campaigns. We don't take a "one size fits all" approach to PSA media distribution. We evaluate each client's objectives and develop a customized PSA distribution strategy that will achieve the greatest media return per dollar invested. Our professional outreach staff has established relationships with key contacts at media outlets throughout the nation; telemarketing, in-person media visits, notes of acknowledgement and promotion are standard in our continuing follow-up.

Paid Media Placement

Increasingly, our clients are purchasing media time and space to create visibility during time-locked promotional periods. Our media buying services provide highly customized, well-researched media planning and buying that achieve efficient and targeted media placement outcomes. Fulfilling a variety of organizational objectives, paid/PSA placement options are available across a wide spectrum of media. We have executed paid/PSA buys in national and local media for online, TV, cable, radio, transit, billboard, magazine, newspaper and place-based media such as cinema and in-retail. In order to achieve discounts, clients forgo some control over the period in which the campaign will run; typically, the media flight will occur over a longer period of time, giving us additional leverage with media outlets to create buying efficiencies.

Paid Digital & Mobile Ad Placement

With Harvest RTG, PlowShare will support major nonprofits in accessing extensive data to best understand and reach their target audiences. In addition to providing data analysis capabilities, Harvest RTG will help PlowShare expand their core service line of PSA distribution by offering the country's largest nonprofits access to unparalleled programmatic inventory.

PSA Media Usage

Measuring the results of any communications tactic is critical to determining ROI and allocation of budgets moving forward, but the ability to provide meaningful results continues to challenge communications professionals. PlowShare developed and maintains one of the most comprehensive and user friendly PSA media tracking databases available today – FertileData 2.0 – the ultimate tool to track, evaluate and distribute public service advertising or other media assets.

PSA Asset Management

PSADirector™ is an asset management tool that we have created exclusively for media outlets to access your PSAs in a seamless and timely manner. It is a purpose-built site exclusively for the media to gather PSAs with speed, flexibility and simplicity as key hallmarks of the software.

Download Center – Asset Management for Clients & Partners

PSA Download Center is an online tool to instantly preview and download PSAs and other media assets. Increasingly, more media outlets and organizations prefer to preview and distribute media-ready files via the Internet. This reduces the approval process, mail time and packaging. However, with unsophisticated tools, this is often a cumbersome and lengthy process.