About Us

PlowShare Group, LLC (PlowShare) specializes in marketing, communications, and media services with the federal government and nonprofits aimed at creating outcomes for social good. PlowShare is a wholly owned subsidiary of Publicis Groupe, the #1 media buying network in the U.S. PlowShare is an industry leader in providing audited, large-scale Public Service Announcement (PSA) media and counts both iconic nonprofits and the largest federal government agencies as loyal clients. Through our work in disease-prevention, recruitment, and disaster-relief campaigns we have generated over $1 billion in donated media for our clients each year on average, and over $11 billion since our founding. Through our Epsilon data capabilities, we can provide our nonprofit, government, and commercial clients with unparalleled insights into target audience profiles. Epsilon’s Abacus Cooperative database is a collective of over 3,000 organizations who have pooled together to share data to help enrich client information and reach new segments in both traditional and online channels. This collective has a strong non-profit emphasis and boasts 500 non-profit organizations as active partners to help drive better understanding of donor behaviors.

The role of our agency is to go beyond the standard practice of achieving campaign and client goals. We are in the business of delivering social good outcomes.

Our mission is to deliver those results and use them as a force in rebuilding trust between our country’s core institutions and the people that they serve.

We do that by delivering messages of credibility and humanity to those in the most need of them within environments and entities that share in those values and are trustworthy.